Netfincas Horizontal


Neighborhood association management


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Netfincas Horizontal is a great management system for neighborhood associations. It allows interested users to communicate via the Internet with the property’s administrators.

The design makes this application easy to use for both new users and those who already have some experience using this type of management application.

The number of communities that can be managed with Netfincas Horizontal is unlimited. The program is equipped to efficiently manage owners and purveyors, send receipts, supervise and complete bank transactions, etc.

Netfincas Horizontal can also help you with the following:

- Design and announce meetings.

- Create newsletters.

- Manage deferred payments.

- Help set up direct deposit.

- Invoices for fees.

- Invoices for payments.

- Generate bank remittances and reimbursements.
In addition, Netfincas Horizontal is compatible with Microsoft Office, which makes editing reports and other documents generated with the application easier.


-New modules and lists.


Certain functions are not available.

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